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The quintessential Holy Moses thrash metal album - 94%

morbert, June 29th, 2010

Yes, after the somewhat dull but decent speed metal debut Queen of Siam, Holy Moses return with a furious thrash monster. Finished With the Dogs has it all! Well, no high pitched screams obviously, but a relentless thrash assault nonetheless. And there’s much more to enjoy here than just their classic song ‘Current of Death’.

‘Current of Death’ is pretty much the only song on which it seems Sabina Classen actually sings from time to time. But it doesn’t go much further than the melodic ‘ohohohoho’ section on the chorus. The rest of the album: the rawest female thrash vocals possible. One step further and it’d be death metal.

The average pace of the album is high. The polka is all over but there are plenty of breaks to keep things interesting. And Kusch’performance on double bass is outstanding. Yes, Uli Kusch. The guy from Masterplan Helloween, Gamma Ray, Mekong Delta and many more. More than just an able musician you’d agree.

It’s not until the fifth song ‘Fortress of Desperation’ that the band slow down a bit. The song is an omen of what would happen on their next Liechtenstein album. Slow and midpaced technothrash with an eerie atmosphere. After that we have the half slow/half fast ‘Six Fat Women’ which has a lot of S.O.D.-ish riffs and touches on the crossover side of Tankard even but effectively sung into a Holy Moses song by Sabrina.

On ‘Corroded Dreams’ the band really start to pick up pace again and effectively thrashes on. The catchy sing-a-long chorus ‘Life's Destroyer’ is yet another memorable part of the album. But then if you think the album will now stay ‘just’ great towards the end, we’re confronted with another absolute highlight. ‘Rest in Pain’ combines the aggression and speed of the first half of the album with the diverse technotrash on ‘Fortress of Desperation’, resulting in a wonderful blend no thrasher should live without! And if people thought some riffs are interchangeable, think again. The riffing is the centre point and highlight of ‘Military Service’. Andy Classen didn’t become a household name for nothing!

There’s so much happening on ‘Finished With the Dogs’, it’s still fun to listen to after all these years and still sounds relevant, energetic, dynamic and diverse without losing any aggression. A marvellous album!