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Who would have thought this? - 88%

Agonymph, January 1st, 2007

When Holy Moses debuted with 'Queen Of Siam' in 1986, they were a Thrash-ish band, slightly remniscent of Venom's sloppy kind of upgraded NWOBM. With a female singer who did grunt-like vocals. 'Queen Of Siam' was an okay album, but nothing really special. Nobody would probably have suspected that a year later, they would release an absolute killer album.

'Finished With The Dogs' forgives them for every mistake made on the debut. What Holy Moses does here is bordering on the incredible. From beginning to end, the album is a vicious Thrash fest executed with precision, energy and a shitload of aggression. Sabina Classen's vocals have gained aggression and sincerity, Andy Classen has turned into the absolute top of European rhythm guitar, only equaled by Kreator's Mille Petrozza, and forms a great team with the drumming of Uli Kusch. To say the least, 'Finished With The Dogs' is an enormous step in the right direction.

The opening title track is a powerful punch in the face right away, the mayhem doesn't need any time to build up in little pretty intros and such, it just starts at the same time the track starts. The song is a killer Thrasher with a raw, punky attitude and it's hard to sit still to. Apart from Sabina's kick ass screaming, Andy also does a great job on the vocals in the chorus. I have a hard time keeping up with the words in the chorus, but he does it very, very well.

When that song is over after less than two and a half minutes, there's not much time to breathe, because that's when 'Current Of Death' starts, one of Holy Moses' most popular songs. It's probably one of the few popular Thrash songs ever to come from Europe, but it's rightfully one of them. The tempos are high, almost bordering on insanity, and so is the quality. The sing-along part of the chorus probably has its share in making it a popular one too. And even though Andy Classen mostly stands out as a rhythm guitarist on this album, his guitar solos on this track are absolutely great.

The rest of the album is killer too. A few tracks are a little less memorable than others, but that is nothing else than normal on an album. Standout tracks to me are the two I have mentioned before, the bang-your-head-or-die riff fest 'In The Slaughterhouse', the crazy 'Six Fat Women', the video hit 'Life's Destroyer' and the closing re-recording of 'Roadcrew' from the debut album, which is vastly superior to the original version in terms of precision, production and instrumentation.

Most of the album goes by at high tempos, but the slower songs, such as 'Fortress Of Desperation' and the intro 'Corroded Dreams', add a diversity to the album which it screams for. I doubt if the album was as interesting without those parts.

So here's what you get: high quality European Thrash Metal at sometimes insane tempos. If that is something of your liking, I see absolutely no reason for you to not buy 'Finished With The Dogs'.