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Holy Moses, welcome back! - 91%

Agonymph, January 1st, 2007

When Holy Moses returned to the scene in the early 21st century, I'm sure they wacked everyone in the face with their EP 'Master Of Disaster'. But no one was sure what to expect from a full length album. Especially when long time guitarist and composer Andy Classen announced he would still write and play guitar on the album, but no longer be an official member of the band. Some people thought that he would rush this album. All worries were in vein. 'Disorder Of The Order' was every bit as good as 'Master Of Disaster'.

So what you're getting is quite simple: Thrash Metal. It seems like Sabina Classen is once again as angry as she was back in the days of 'Finished With The Dogs'. She deserves a lot of respect. It was her entusiasm and her devotion that kept Holy Moses alive through the years. The lady is more Thrash than any Thrash influenced Metalcore kid will ever be. It's hard to find a more devoted Thrash fan nowadays!

Though the album is of a constant high level, the absolute highlight is its opening track. After an atmospheric intro 'We Are At War' starts and that one just has all the aspects that a Holy Moses classic needs. It starts out with a fast, precise and kick-ass guitar riff, has some midtempo parts throughout the song and on top of that, there's Sabina Classen, screaming, shouting and grunting out all of her frustrations. It's a vicious Thrasher which is nothing worse than any track on 'Finished With The Dogs'. A special mention goes out to the absolutely killer guitar solo near the end of the song, there's a little wah on it, just enough to give it a classic Thrash feel. Love it, love it, love it.

The rest of the album consists of killer fast-paced songs, such as 'Break The Evil', which breaks all boundaries of speed, 'Hell On Earth' and 'Blood Bond' on one side, more evil, creeping midtempo Thrashers such as 'Deeper' and 'I Bleed' (two highlights, I like them a lot in this style) on another and on yet another slightly more melodic, catchy midtempo stompers such as '1000 Lies' or the title track.

A song which has raised a lot of eyebrows is the song 'Verfolgungswahn'. This song in native German is definitely a standout track, though some people will explain that negatively and some positively. I'm definitely one of the latter. It's got quite a different beat than many other Holy Moses tracks and it might sound a little monotonous upon first listen, but I suggest you let it sink in a little. To me, it's a special track because it's different. I like it a lot. There's a nice guitar lead and the drum work is exceptionally good. Plus, it's catchy as hell!

Fact is that with 'Disorder Of The Order', Holy Moses continues their legacy of quality Euro Thrash. People who claim that the newer material doesn't live up to 'Finished With The Dogs' are people I consider crazy. In fact, I think that what they do now is even better than what they did in the eighties, excluding their masterpeace 'The New Machine Of Liechtenstein' of course. But 'Disorder Of The Order' is pretty damn close to the quality level of 'The New Machine...'.