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Into battle we ride! - 78%

The_Boss, December 19th, 2007

Holy Martyr is an Italian epic traditional metal band from Italy, usually not a household name or a band that many people seem to know about. Their style is playing a traditional metal style similar to Manilla Road mixed with epic power metal styling of Manowar and other 80's USPM bands around. Trying to attract the old guard of people who enjoy only classic type metal and singing about ancient battles or Roman history equate to what you have of Holy Martyr's sound and theme.

This 2005 EP, Vis Et Honor, has a selection of epic numbers detailed to be like a typical epic metal album/demo should sound like. Their is an introductory type song, Legion Oath - March of the Legionaries, starting off with a word spoken beginning in Latin possibly, which then leads into some battle like drum leading into what can be called a real battle hymn with a decent riff and continued drum attack finishing off the song.

The title track song is pure early Manowar worship with an speed induced riff starting the song off leading into more epic wailing of far off battles and such with pounding drums and even a decent melodic solo shows up. The chorus and singing is quite catchy and aids to the epic nature sounding like 20 people are chanting it. It's not too far of a stretch to say that Alex Mereu sounds a bit like a much less talented Eric Adams or Harry Conklin but he seems to do his job well. Everything else seems to work well, all produced fairly with guitars high in the mix and the bass even. The guitar tone sounds a bit like Witchfinder General and Ironsword. The biggest let down is possibly the drums, not too high up there and with the double bass sound fairly weak which is a problem being a fan of double bass and such.

The acoustic version of Call to Arms is fairly boring after you hear the real version on the full length, but still worthy of playing it's part on the EP. This entire EP is fairly decent compared to other random EPs and demos out there with a fair production and musicianship. This first two songs are certainly the best while it drags off and the third song seems to be plod along a bit but overall a decent introduction to Holy Martyr.