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The battle rages on!!! - 85%

ChildOfTheTwilight, November 28th, 2003

Goddamn! Buy this album, put it on your stereo, play it loud and you should have a reaction similar to mine!
For those untrustful in Epic Metal I want to specify (as the do in the inlay cover) that is not a sucking powermetal rhapsody-stile album or other trendy-bullshits, this is Epic Emtal played with passion reminding to the masters of this genre such as Omen, Manilla Road or Cirith Ungol
The cd starts and it's like being on a battlefield in days gone by, the troops march on and the horn resounds for the attack signal... And, hell, Holy Martyr really attack!
The opener "Warmonger" is a really kickin-ass-track, the best on the album in my opinion, a track that has nothing to envy to those one recorded by more famous bands all over the world. It's a battle hymn with rocky sound,
granitic, over 5 minutes "in your face", one of the things I most appreciated are the machine-gun blast beats on the half of the track.
A very good production supports and enhance tha value of the album, maybe just the vocals are sometimes low recorded, and some drum patterns are a little repetitive and foreseeable, but these are little traces that don't corrupt the value of this product!
It's the time of "Under Siege", full of maidenish melody, a very good song dealing with holy wars, enriched by suitable choirs never boring.
The war atmosphere stands out even on the next "Hatred Is My Strenght (Legion Of Berserker)" with various references to nordic mythology, over than 9 minutes! And the others are long too, as you can see from the album lenght..
And again, "Son of a king", which starts slow and, seasoned with some "guitar-hero" parts, reaches speed tempo supported by mighty blast beats and ends in very soft way with the sound of the dulcimer.
Lovecraft's creatures of Chtulhu are the topic of "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", another song quite complex as the former ones: even the technical skill is very good on the album.
The last song is the 100% defender "Metallian", and then the Cirith Ungol's cover "Frost And Fire", revisited in personal way but not distorted...
Professional registration and cd, high quality songs, professional booklet with lyrics and very reduced price... what do you want more?