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Ride The Void - 95%

TheCrimsonBlade, June 26th, 2013

Back in 2010, we saw the emergence of a new and powerful band Holy Grail. Their EP Improper Burial clearly showed this guys were an up and coming and promising speed metal group that I knew would have some amazing potential. Fight To Kill and My Last Attack were two of the first songs I had heard from them. I was utterly blown the fuck away to saw the least. James Paul Luna was slowly becoming one of my favorite vocalists in the "new era" thrash worship that had been on the rise lately. Acts like his previous band White Wizzard, which I am now disappointed by with his departure from the band. The High Speed GTO EP was flawless and showed he could have carried that band with ease for albums to come. Other acts like Lich King do an awful job at trying to bring back the spirit and intensity of the 80's. I think Holy Grail have found a great balance. Their previous release Crisis In Utopia was sub-par, it had several good songs and everything I had hoped for in a truly epic metal song. Maybe it just took a little while for them to find their sound.

The songwriting is a major improvement over the last release. I wouldn't dare call this album a "comeback" seeing as they have only had one previous album release. But this is an incredibly immense step up in both effort and in sound. There are no weak tracks, except those pointless instrumental introductions, but I don't really mind them. It always puzzled me why bands decided to include those. It serves no purpose in tying the album together, perhaps it just serves as filler for a certain amount of track lengths. All the choruses are catchy as fuck. James voice is so powering and soars sky high on every single track. My only complaint is he randomly does this goddamn metalcore voice for no reason at all. He doesn't do it very often, but it can still serve as pointless and a major annoyance. His voice is incredible as it is, there's no need to do that. He did it on the previous release and I will always be confused by that. Still, it's far and few between and doesn't at all deter from the enjoyment of this flawless album. Definitely in my top releases for this year.

The solos and guitarwork in general is also a major improvement. Solos are as kickass as they can get and are fast and jam packed in all the songs. Riffs are also generously scattered about. They have really stepped their game up and Holy Grail show no signs of backing down from the throne of new era thrash bands. They come as fast and deadly as they can get. I find nothing but enjoyment and this damn well deserves 5 stars.