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relentlessly intense thrash from Hell! - 86%

stormcrusher, December 11th, 2004

Thought I'd give this one a review since no one else has and it deserves one. This album is one aggressive piece of metal. Hailing from the Pittsburgh, tri-state area, Holocross were most well known for their controversial weapons-based stage shows and go-for-the-throat approach. These guys make Jake the Lumberjack look like a wimp. The album has a raw feel. Think a mixture of Razor and Onslaught, with some Vio-lence thrown in for good measure, and you know these guys kick some ass. (and with a name like Holocross, would you expect any less?) I'll do a song-by-song review:

Wolf Pak: Starts things off with a bang, not bad, but nothing new here, it's only 2 minutes long

Bombardment: Begins with some evil sounding chants and slow drum beat, pumps up into a mid pace beat, then goes into an all out thrasher for the rest of the song.

Warpath: Headbangable drum pounding intro leads to a heavy as hell mid pace beat. Nice screams too throughout, courtesy of Char R.G. which we will hear quite a bit more of later. This song basically pounds from beginning to end.

B. Hive: Excellent but short melodic intro, leads to excellent thrash riff that consists of most of the song. This is another short song being only 2 minutes, but it's one of the best. Ends with a CREEPY guitar harmony that sounds like, you guessed it, a swarm of bees!

Seizure: Doomy sounding intro leads to another excellent riff, which leads to some nice thrashing and cool chorus with Char shouting out SEIZURE!!! GOD DAMN SEIZURE!!! Goes into a slow beat, then back to more thrashing for the rest of the song.

Manslaughter: Great, great song here, probably the best. Pure energetic thrashing, with some funny power-metallish vocals that in no way sound power metal. The lyrics are about dying. There's some awesome guitar harmonies and riffs here. This song is a good reason to own this album.

Murdercycle: begins with what I guess is motorcycle engine sounds, then goes into a cool mid-pace/fast intro riff, then into another cool mid-pace/fast riff with lyrics about Hell, motorcycles, death, and smashing, this is what metal's all about! You really notice Char's unique vocal style here, it's hard and loud, with operatic vibratos. Probably the "toughest" song on this album. Makes you wanna start a bar fight.

Drill: Intro drum roll into a killer thrash riff. Char's voice is all of a sudden high pitched! This one is lyrically about soldiers being "drilled" to fight. What the lyrics lack in creativity, the guitars make up for in cool harmonies and speed. Another ass kicker.

Ptomaine: Yep, another ass kicker. Sounds like a continuation of Drill because it's just not that much of a variation in riff style. It's pretty short though.

Battle Stations: The last song, this one starts with what I suppose is a battle station alarm, goes into some thrashing, then we hear some more super high pitch vocals and a killer "BATTLE STATIONS" chorus. One of the only guitar solos on the album in this one, and it's pretty damn cool. Ends with some guitar harmony line, switching off with some drums. One of the better songs on here.

I only review albums I think deserve it, and this is one is no exception. If you like your metal violent and ultra heavy, give this one a spin, IF you can handle it.