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Before silence, after oblivion - 85%

lukkaturi, January 12th, 2018

(This review was originally written for my personal blog on March 2014).

Hailing from my hometown, Historias Nórdicas de la Abuela Vikinga is a melodic death metal formed on December 2009, and since their inception the band has had a very good acceptance during the local scene as well as on other states of the country.

They released their self titled demo on 2011, which consists of five tracks with a very harsh and raw sound, and finally on November of the last year they officially released their first studio album, one that since the first song I listed I was blow away; not only for the music itself but also for the production, as well as for talent of the musicians involved.

Of course there has also been a huge improvement on the quality of the sound of the songs that were originally released on the demo, something that at first I thought I wouldn't like because I liked that arid sound of the previously mentioned demo.

This is a very well done record, with a clean production and a sound full of energy. Melodic death metal at its finest from the very first note to the last song on the album.

The first two songs start with kind of an acoustic prelude, to then let the heaviness of their music, that at the same time turns into more melodic layers of sound during the whole album.

In general terms, Silencio-Olvido is a mix of different musical textures, from something massive to a more atmospheric and melodic, full of killer and harmonic riffs, accompanied by powerful drums and a overwhelming bass. All of that with the outstanding grows of the vocalist Fernando Marco.

If I had to choose a favorite song on this album that could be "Aurora Mortuis", but "La Leyenda de Thor" is also a very intense song, not only musically but lyrically as well, since it talks about Thor defeating Jörmungandr during Ragnarök, what else could you ask for?.

Lastly, as a "fun fact" is worth of mentioning that the album was released on a record time of only seven days, taking only one of those for the vocals, but despite of that, the album doesn't sound like a "rushed" album.