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Sweep Sweep Breakdown Shred Breakdown Sweep. - 25%

Perseverence, February 28th, 2011

Hiroshima Will Burn is a pretty average deathcore band. Nothing really new here at all. The formula of this release seemed to be breakdown+shred=music. A typical formula for deathcore. I actually disliked the album. As I listened to the album I kept thinking to myself that I had heard it before.

The music would best be described as Suicide Silence or Carnifex getting down with a band like Necrophagist or early Beneath the Massacre. So a good genre title would be Technical deathcore. The production is almost garbage on this one as the guitar sweeps are ridiculously loud and the vocals are almost completely absent in all the noise. I almost thought that the vocalist was trapped in a box. The drums were almost unnoticeable through out the entire record. It is a real shame.

In conclusion if you are looking for another carbon copy of what's been done before for your deathcore collection this is the album to get.

Awesome - 100%

Grim_Terrorist, June 27th, 2009

A couple of years ago I was browsing some music blogs and I found this band called "Hiroshima will Burn" and I thought "oh, another shitty deathcore band with horrible titles ('Haha, You're Fucked' was one of them)", so I decided to give them a try. The first thing I thought resulted true, they sucked, the drummer was always out of key and sometimes the vocalist didn't even know what the hell was he doing. Bass was inexistent and the guitars were the same as another average deathcore band.

I decided to dump that band out of my mind forever but there's one thing I did and that I should be thankful, I added them on myspace.

So one day I entered myspace and in their updates I saw "New songs up!" so I checked them out for the single purpose to laugh, since I saw in past months they got a new vocalist.

Damn I was so wrong, I remember clearly they were pre-production demos of "In Voluptate Mors" and "The Black Death". They sounded so good, like if they turned into another band, the sound was a way better than their old work. Seems this band worked very, very hard to achieve their actual sound. I was anxious to get more material from them and when I saw "releasing new album soon" I was very happy.

This is not compared to their old work in any way, this is completely different.

"To the Weight of All Things" is excellent work of art. Both guitar players are very talented and the drummer plays fast with brain surgery precision. What we have here it's very close to what bands like The Faceless or Beneath the Massacre have been doing in the past years but with their unique "touch". One thing this band has it's that they never stay on the same tempo or make the same riffs, all the songs are very unique and you can remember everysong after a couple of listens.

Since the first track, Methodical Disfigurement, you get the band's whole idea of brutality mixed with awesome musicianship. These guys are very talented, there's no doubt about it.

All the tracks are brutal and very well crafted leaded by the harsh growls and screams of Anth, but Laberinto is the part where all these guys show us their skills. The bass player shines here.

After this track we get "Martyrium" which is in my opinion the second best song after "Enigmatic Consumption". There are some parts where the drummer gets so fast that you can even compare him with John Longstreth or KC Howard.

Mad props for this awesome debut.