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The New Age of Hirax! - 97%

thrashassault, August 21st, 2004

The New Age of Terror is probably the best thrash metal album of two thousand four. Supplying the world with their ear bleeding thrash metal madness! Katon still has those memorable vocals. The other four members of Hirax are new and fit right in with the aggressive style of metal. This album has very clear definite production. All the songs on this album are well worth mentioning but I will pin point some of my absolute favorites.
Hostile Territory kicks in with the straight out thrash guitar riff and the blazing guitar solo. It's about a minute long song but if you want to get your head banging off right through this tune on first!
Swords of Steel actually starts out with a really neat riff. This song sounds pretty much like the rest of the album, pounding thrash. But the reason I like this song so much is because of the drop out section of the song at around 2:04 of the song. The drum beat with the guitar riff there just gave me this urge to start a mosh pit. Then the gang vocals come in "Kill!, Fight, Kill!, Fight"!
Massacre of the Innocent is an instrumental song. The song isn't very memorable except for the end riff, which they end the song after that. When you listen to it I was like.... That's it, hmmm that could go into such a crazy thrash song. But still gets attention for that great guitar riff.
Both songs Suffer and Unleash the Dogs of War remind me of the new Exodus album. Not that that is a bad thing. They are really good songs.
Ed Dia De Los Muertos is a ballad type song on this album, actually another instrumental song. Its actually well constructed and a very beautiful piece of music. It picks up a little bit but never goes full fledged into a metal type song.
So if you are into Hirax its a must have album. Probably their best work yet! I would even come close to saying its better then their '85 album Raging Violence. I would also recommend this album to all thrash metal fans or those who think thrash metal is dead. Hirax proves with this release that such statements are a lie!