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The new age of thrash! - 90%

bayareashredder, September 19th, 2007

In my opinion, Hirax is one of the most underrated thrash bands ever. They never acheived the success the Big Four, or even Testament, Exodus, and Overkill. I don't see how that is since Hirax really no different from all the other thrash bands that were out in the bay area at the time. Although this is only their second actual album, Hirax still deserve more popularity.

This album is great. One of the best thrash albums of the decade along with Dekapitator's The Storm Before the Calm, Exodus' Tempo of the Damned, Sodom's self titled album, and Kreator's Enemy of God. This album is not fake thrash like many of the newer metal bands these days. It's pure old school thrash to the bone.

Like most thrash albums, the riffs and solos help make this album amazing. What makes this album, and the band as a matter of fact, unique is vocalist Katon De Pena. Katon is a great singer, with lots of power and has one of the most unique voices in metal. From the mighty opener, Killswitch, to the epic Unleash the Dogs of War, Hirax thrash like they did in the 80's. Unleash the Dogs of War is probably the best Hirax track ever recorded. Other great songs include Killswitch, Hostile Territory, Swords of Steel, and Into the Ruins.