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The One! - 95%

Cup_Of_Tea, February 24th, 2005

Yes, The New Age of Terror has arrived!!! And it has arrived in style, crushing everything it meets in it's way. This is their best, yes, and probably one of the thrashiest albums in modern thrash. Wait... it's THE most thrash album in the new millenium, even better then new Holy Moses and Necronomicon.

Being a big fan of this band I'll just sing the praises since there is no bad thing to be isolated here. Katon W. DePena is in his best form, and on big surprise his vocals hae changed quite a bit since Barrage of Noise. He has a cleaner scream now, and a much deeper voice, which melds with the chaotic riffs perfectly. The riffs are chaotic allright, and that is the best feature Hirax can offer, and those riffs are simply AMAZING. Also the solo section has improved a bit, they seem to go along with the music more, which was a bit of a problem with Hirax since their songs were short and too fast and the solo simply didn't go well with that. Here everything is fixed.

All tracks are welcome to the listen and Hell On Earth beats them all. This is not a revolution of an album it's not a new savior of thrash metal or anything like that, it's simply thrash metal that can't do any wrong. And being a flawless album I give it this amazingly high mark. End.