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Extraordinary thrash! - 93%

Cup_Of_Tea, January 12th, 2005

Now this is more like it. Their debut release... an album that actually beats the hell out of people. Hirax have been known in the thrash metal world for their unique vocals and intense riffs, and not just that, they're known by a fact that actually they don't quit, or change. They just keep on thrashing the same way in the 2000's as in the 80's. Many don't actually like them, but that's all racist and anti-chrisitan(poor tr00 and n3cr0 kiddies just don't get it) mumbo-jumbo, there is no WAY you cannot like this band. Rarely good thrash is heard here, for those who know how to listen. And for the actual christian lyrics, kids they are religious, but they Criticise religion too.

Now for the album... well, no complaints, actually, the songs are short, but many, and the album is fast, enjoyable and filled with thrash riffs. I would point out the title song, which amazes me with the main riff - long as hell, lasts for 1/3 of the song, but still everchanging, never repeating. The you have the Call of the God, a catchy song kicking with excellent riffs, too bad it last so short... And then there's the greatest song on the album: The Gauntlet and Destruction and Terror - fast riffing, fast drumming and all included with a good solo. Oh yeah... if you wish to headband... the two last songs are quite what you need, and more! :)))

Quite the release, different, and therefore good. I'm very sadisfied.