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doesn't waste a moment - 85%

a8o, May 12th, 2005

This record is great, probably because its so short. Exactly what thrash should be. Straight to the point. Some of the second tier thrash bands got too caught up in creating a magnum opus after a certain point that they forgot the whole point is to rip and this album certainly does. And because its so short and I don't have to put an hour into listening to it, it inadvertently gets played a lot more, even if the LP has such short sides and I always have to flip it over.

The songs have brilliant riffs in spades, yet somehow each one seems to stand out as a seperate entity. There are themes running through each song and its very predictible which makes headbanging easy. For example, "Imprisoned By Ignorance" employs the basic verse chorus verse structure, but some interesting riff patterns which allows them to shine on their own terms. And the vocals are great, or at least, particularly on "Lightning Thunder", they resonate with me holding the shrill edge that can cut glass and curdle blood. Terriffic stuff. It's a shame the production, on some songs like "Brainwashing" which sounds a bit too 'close', is a bit uneven.

So, although it's not the most iconic thrash record, it's very solid, easy to listen to and a great, fast thrash album. And that's really all you can ask of "Hate Fear and Power".