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High on fire strikes again - 93%

Mastod0nman, November 17th, 2007

I had great expectations for this album since it was made by doom metal god Matt Pike. This album does not dissapoint. It is a more mature version of there previous album. It is very easy to listen to. I recommend it for all metal lovers.

It starts out with the thundering "Fury Whip". Best song to start an album with. Matt just wants the words FURY WHIP to get stuck in your head. What I like in this album is that they use some acoustic guitar. Like in the intro of "Waste of Tiamat", "Khanrad's Wall" ,and in the intro of "Cyclopian Scape". And I think the drummer, Des, his drumming has improved somewhat too.You can tell because of his great drumming in "Headhunter". I also like how they shaped the album. Some short great songs like "Rumors of War", "DII", "Khanrad's Wall",and "Headhunter".I personally thought the longest song on the record; "Death is this Communion" was being stretched out to long. I thought it should be shortened a couple of minutes.

The lyrics on the album were more simplistic than previous works but the intensity of his vocals overshadowed that.My favorite tracks were "Turk", "Cyclopian Scape", "Ethereal", and "Return to NOD". I really loved "Return to NOD" because it got right into the action and never stopped to breathe. Same goes for the other 3 I mentioned. I was surprised to hear that they have a special outro for songs like "Cyclopian Scape" and "Ethereal". I actually liked the outros. I thought the song would be heavy 24/7. But nothing to complain about. Also I love the addition of there new bassist. He fits very well in High on Fire.

In conclusion, this album is great. They make few faulties. Even if there are faulties, Matt Pike makes up for it in his colossal guitar riffs and Des with his pounding drums. This is a great record for all, possibly album of the year.