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Listen to this while exhuming your local cemetery - 83%

Drowned, December 3rd, 2005

Hideous Mangleus's first vinyl release is this five-song 7" on Thrash Records. I really love the Thrash label, because it seems that everything they ever put out was a gem in its own way. This EP, while not as cool as say the Carbonized or Megaslaughter stuff, is still a solid offering from the glory days of the scene and is certainly worth tracking down in one form or another.

What Hideous Mangleus play is some dirty and catchy grindcore/death not unlike Terrorizer or Repulsion. The production is demo quality but it fits the music well. The guitars sound lively and sit well in the mix, while the bass has a very sinister tone to it (check out the solo on "Question Your Motives"). The drums are about average. They sound a little muddy during the fast blasting parts, but otherwise are tolerable. Vocals are your kind of typical death growls.

All the songs are fairly short and combine mid-paced death metal with fast grindcore attacks. "Reforming" is one of my favorites on the 7". It begins with a really catchy dark guitar riff that continually emerges throughout the rest of the song as well. That song, as well as "Mutated" are totally in the Terrorizer school in terms of the riffs and overall structure. "Malignant Ignorance" is the other stand-out track here. The drummer goes into some heavy double bass parts, and the guitarist shreds away with more killer riffs that will make you want to go out and punch old ladies. The final song, "Skullfuck", is the fastest on the EP but also the least interesting. It's very simple and to the point. The singer incorporates some higher pitched screams into this one, which I'm happy to say are very short-lived because they sound pretty terrible.

I would recommend this 7" to fans of oldschool grindcore like Terrorizer, Assück, Napalm Death and Repulsion. Definitely get this vinyl before the one on Ecocentric Records, as that one is much more generic and boring.