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Hideous, monotonous - 71%

Drowned, December 3rd, 2005

Here's the second 7" from Pittsburgh's coroner squad eloquently titled "Unearthing Grandma's Grave". The first EP was great, so this one should be better, right? Not exactly. You have to remember that the debut was released by Thrash Records; and with that 7", you knew right away that it would at least be semi-killer because Thrash weren't the label to just release any type of crap thrown their way (it's true, just look at their catalog). This 7", on the other hand, is disappointing in comparison.

The songs are still short (a little over a minute long) and also in the vein of Terrorizer, Repulsion, etc; but the riffs and overall execution are taken down many notches. Gone are the cool catchy leads, average but strong vocals, and dark atmosphere. The vocals on this 7" can't even be called average. Extremely below average is more like it. They are immensely weak and do very little for the listener. The dark and memorable guitar riffs are replaced by cheesy up-beat pieces that makes you wonder what types of drugs these guys were on while recording this record. The only positive side is the bass, which still sounds just as good as it did on "We Live..." as well as the drumming which has actually improved a bit since last time. Production wise, it hasn't changed much. It's still a demo-level recording.

The only song that really stands out is "Technological Abortion" because it's more in the style of the first EP. Lots of catchy riffs, frequent tempo changes and double bass drumming. The last song "Infravision" has an interesting guitar lead towards then end, but just as you start to get into it the song fades out and closes.

While "We Live... You Sleep" is death metal first and grindcore second, "Unearthing Grandma's Grave" is the other way around. Hideous Mangleus sacrificed heaviness for pseudo-brutality on this 7" and it shows. You're not missing anything if you don't own this.