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Beautiful haunting Doom - 80%

ruigeroeland, October 24th, 2007

With a genre description as wide as Symphonic Doom/Gothic/Black Metal, it’s quite difficult to know what type of music to expect. I like symphonic doom and gothic, but am not to fond of Black in most cases, especially if “Black” refers to the vocals. So I kept my fingers crossed when putting this disc on the first time.

The first track doesn’t give it away immediately, it is an atmospheric intro with heavy keyboard use and some whispering, creating a nice suspense, mainly due to the children’s lullaby tone in contrast with the eerie whispers.

The second track starts with a haunting violin melody and slow pounding riffs, making it clear that this band is definitely on the Doom side of the genre description. The song relies heavily on the violin, accompanied by female vocals and occasional growls.

The violin has a big role in the bands music, creating melancholic atmospheres that remind me a lot of My Dying Bride.

The band focuses on the female vocals in most of the songs, which is a big plus when you have a vocalist with a great voice like that. The growls are used to give the music that extra depressive touch. The lyrics are in both French in English (the clean vocals are mainly in French, while the growls are in English) and there is even a song in Latin, impressive.

The production is great, although it seems to me the growls are a bit loud in comparison to the music some of the time.

As a final note I must add that the style of the band (cd cover, website lay-out) is incredibly good for an unsigned band. Giving everything that extra touch of professionalism. Thumbs up!