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Surprisingly Death - 79%

PowerMetalGuardian, June 16th, 2004

Hexx has been known to explore the metal scene, switching styles, with their music. They started out as a NWOBHM band, but then later converted to thrash metal. By the last album, which is Morbid Reality, there are thrash influenced riffs with growled vocals. I don't know if you would call it death metal, since death metal isn't my area of expertise. But the vocals are growled, sometimes very brutally done. Towards the end of the album though the vocals tend to lighten up and go in and out of growls.

This is just you're straight out heavy thrash metal. The riffs are fast at points and other times it switches into a slow, but powerful rhythm. Best example of this is on the song Birds of Prey, a little after the three minute mark. Guitars on this album land a lot of cool riffs that are pretty technical at times, and at other times straight forward power chords are used.

What helps this album reach its supreme of trashiness is the drums. The drums do a great job of keeping everyone on time while switching tempos very rapidly. One song on this album could switch tempos after every other measure. So a good drummer is needed to do this. But what is rather prominent is the straight forward blast beats. The themes of the song are mostly of death and dying. Though I think it is okay to say these guys could use war and weapons of mass destruction as their over all theme.

This is one of those albums that you listen to and then put away. If you keep listening to it over and over it will blend together as one. Not a bad album though. Songs to check out are: Morbid Reality, Birds of Prey, Fire Mushrooms, and Watery Graves. I think all metal heads should check it out, especially if you like Sodom's first couple albums. That is probably the best comparison. Oh and don't let the piano intro to Morbid Reality throw you off...this is a pretty fast album.