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Herod > For Whom the Gods Would Destroy > Reviews > SoulSeekJay
Herod - For Whom the Gods Would Destroy

Heavy metal, with thrash, the mix is interesting - 75%

SoulSeekJay, June 30th, 2004

Herod are into pretty classically heavy metal combined with thrash and rare hardcore elements. They often remind me of Shadows Fall and their latest album "The Art Of Balance" while Herod also incorporated calm emotional pieces into their music. It may sound weird but here and there they offer also a few punk-alike pieces like at the middle of "I Will", it's not officious it's more in a hidden way! After that track with "A New Hope" follows one of the best tracks of the album that comes up with heavy metal sounds and the clean singing and guitar players throw in the sweetest melodic leads and a part-wise thrashy edge. The best awaits at the middle of the track when the vocalist starts to scream his lungs out with evil screams, that's why I really like this track because these really good angry screams are too rare on the other songs! But at this track he breaks out several times with awesome screams and shouts. After such an aggressive song they calm down with "Into The Sky" that begins with laid-back grooves and excessive guitar playing whereat they also force the speed but the general feeling of the song is a little calmer. Another pretty cool track is "That Green Feeling" which features also laid-back mid-tempo parts as well as thrashy straight up pieces and while the fast parts the singer screams and shouts at his best. Herod offer a quite good album with wide influences from thrash, to heavy and death metal but I think they should reduce that amount of laid-back "emotional" pieces 'cause their best songs are where they speed up. Enjoyable!