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Hermh - The spiritual nation born - 80%

Phuling, August 23rd, 2008

So, a Hermh DVD sees the light of day, and I have to say I’m impressed by the extensive material on here. You can tell this wasn’t released for the sole purpose of making money, but to tell the story of the band, present the history and showcase how they’ve developed over the years. Definitely a treasure for the fan.

The section called "Videovampiro" (the band is obviously quite obsessed with vampires) contains, much like the title tells you, videos. The "Dreamdeath lover" one is from the old "Angeldemon" album, and is just a filmed show with studio sound so it’s nothing exciting. "Hunger" is from the "Before the Eden – awaiting the fire" MCD, and is yet another not-so-exciting video of live filmed material mixed with horror flick clips. But, then we have "Prepare to revolt", which is a real music video, so to speak. But that video was also included on the "Eden’s fire" album, so it’s nothing new. However it’s a good bonus to include on the DVD.

There’s also a ten minute long interview with Bart, about the history of the band, the break-up, new beginning etc. And it’s a good one with great sound. It’s in Polish, but with English subtitles. Bart also takes us back (in a separate interview) to his old hometown where he grew up, shows us his old elementary school and pretty much tells the story of his life. We get taken on a trip to one of Poland’s oldest monasteries, where he spent six years studying in a five year school, hehe. This continues into a more extensive documentation of Hermh’s story, with some live material from the mid nineties intertwined with the story. There’s also an old interview with Bart, but for some reason they haven’t subtitled it, so I haven’t got a clue what the hell they’re saying. Everything is in Polish, but for everything else there are English subtitles… It’s over 50 minutes long, so it’s very detailed. And I seriously advice you to see it, as it’s filled with funny anecdotes and stories.

There are three separate tours (Black Diamonds tour of 2004, Demigod and Torment tours of 2006) presented with lots of behind the scenes material, and of course live material. Unfortunately all the live stuff is quite amateurishly filmed with a handheld camera and questionable sound for a DVD of this quality. But eventhough the live material isn’t always top-notch in sound they certainly make up for that by letting us get to know the guys and see what life on the road with Hermh is like. We get to watch them play football (or should I say ‘soccer’, for you Americans who obviously don’t understand that football is supposed to be played with your feet and not hands) with an empty carton box, we see them watching porn in the tour bus, and in many other ways goof around.

And along with tons of this backstage/offstage material and documentary of the band there’s also a presentation of their discography, a gallery, profiles of the members and whatnot. The only thing I can really complain about is that they didn’t include a pure live set. All the live material is intertwined with backstage material. This gives is a very cool documentary feel, but also hinders one from putting on the DVD purely to listen/watch some live action. But other than that it is definitely the most extensive and in-depth DVD I’ve seen.

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