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Ughh...... my fucking ears! - 15%

raspberrysoda, July 12th, 2016

Before they became a decent symph black metal band, Hermh were a shitty atmospheric/gothic BM band. And don't let the label fool you. It barely has any gothic elements, and the black metal parts here suck pretty hard. So the album begins with some really decent keyboard (which is something very rare in this album), in which the lead singer starts mumbling something that sounds like "MY MY MY MY MY.... MY BLACK ASS!," and after the intro ends, the first song kicks in.

TL;DR: It sucks. Like most of this album

It begins with the lead singer screaming "AYYY!", which after it come the guitars which sounds like Windows XP error message sounds, pitchshifted farting, or just very poorly recorded chorused clean guitars. No kidding. The production here is so bad and uneven that it actually makes the album worse than it actually is- and it comes in shape by all the instruments of the album. Don't expect to hear any thumping bass lines, or the drums in some songs of the album. Instead, you get the cancerous and tasteless clean moaning by Bart, pretty good female choirs (which are more bearable than the male vocals), more fuzzy and pseudo-atmospheric riffs, and an atmosphere which immediately gives you the feeling of taking a walk in a dark Scandinavian forest in a snowstorm that got your body temperature lowered in about 20 degrees which caused hypothermia, and then death.

There are a few good moments in here, except for the pauses between the songs. Voyage of the Beauty Land has some good ideas, and Golden Sea could be actually pretty decent if the shitty male vocals wouldn't have ruined it. This situation is the same as in Rising Tears and Atmosphere of the Passing Years too. The rest of the songs here are bad, (Crying Crowns of Trees was later rerecorded and was made pretty good actually) all of the Blackness intros bring cancerous and are a major low point of the album, and The Hour of the Witching Dance has one of the most strange (the bad way) and obnoxious vocal/keyboard lines ever heard in black metal.

God dammit this album is awful. If you were mistaken that this is quality music because of the gothic BM label this has, don't play it. Your ears don't deserve it. This is one of the worst non-NSBM black metal releases I've ever heard, and if you ever listen to it most chances are that you'll think the same way. Avoid.