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absolutely fucking terrible - 5%

Napalm_Satan, July 12th, 2016

The stupid ambient intro to this thing tells you all you need to know about the album: it has really crappy and '90s sounding keyboards playing generic and unmemorable melodies. The intro, like the songs and the album in general, goes absolutely nowhere, and is merely more content to exist behind the wall of mouldy cardboard production. The vocals are hilariously goofy and tuneless, like if Attila had throat cancer, smoked 12 packs of cigarettes and was drunk. The clean singing is slurred and droning, and the rasps are weak as hell and are seemingly thrown into the songs at random intervals and don't appear to be saying anything meaningful. I think a woman sings on this album at some point too, and she sounds even worse than the Attila knockoff, warbling away like a fly buzzing around the soggy microphone they doubtless used to record this thing. The vocals are so shite overall that any sort of decent musical idea (like the acoustic guitar buried somewhere in the 3rd track) is pissed all over by the 'singing'.

Just listen to that first song. It endlessly undulates between shitty clean vocals, shitty screams, pointless keyboard flourishes and a disturbing lack of good riffs, or any audible riffs at all for that matter. The guitars are barely audible and seemingly chug for eternity or do nothing at all, because the music is more driven by what sounds like the lead guitar and a drum performance that boasts a really shitty excuse for blasting and lacks even the most basic of timekeeping skills. The songwriting is crap, the songs repeat themselves endlessly without developing any riffs, swelling or shrinking with time, or any sort of direction at all. Songs literally feel like they go on for eternity without any sort of structuring at all, and stop for no discernible reason other than because they got bored playing the same stuff over and over again, presumably. The production, as stated, buries the guitars and makes the keyboards too prominent. The whole album sounds like it is being played through a 1920's gramophone, likely to make it 'kvlt' or whatever. I think they were going for that sort of feel given the repetition - they looked at all the classic black metal bands and thought 'Hey! I can repeat myself for 10 minutes with shite production - let's make a black metal album!'

So, to sum up: a bunch of drunken retarded louts jamming in their shed somewhere in Poland - thy name is Taran.