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Fast, raw and loud = Hermetica on stage. - 86%

Gabometal86, October 24th, 2004


Live 1993 in Argentina is Hermetica´s first live album and being sincere is maybe the band’s weakest live album, but its historical value is very high, also this is the only Hermetica live album released when the band was still active, all the following were released after they had split up. En Vivo 1993 Argentina is also the first live album in Argentinean metal, Riff’s “En Acción” (1983) was released ten years earlier, but as far as I am concerned Riff is not a heavy metal band, is Hard Rock.

This live album includes songs from their two previous studio efforts, Hermetica and Acido Argentino, it features thrash anthems like Evitando El Ablande, Predicción, Craneo Candente, Sepulcro Civil, Para Que No Caigas and Desde El Oeste (completely sang by Iorio), Hermetica´s most known song Tu Eres Su Seguridad, the traditional heavy tunes like Del Camionero or Deja De Robar, mid tempo tracks Memoria De Siglos and Atravesando Todo Limite and two covers, V8´s Ideando La Fuga and Si Se Calla El Cantor,
from a folklore singer from Argentina called Horacio Guarany, obviously this one is a heavy version, also this song is the closing track of the album.

The recording is very weak, for those who doesn’t know, this album was recorded in Stadium, a place that really doesn’t benefit very much any type of live recording because its structure is not the best for the echoing of the sound, but is still very decent and as you may imagine is one of those “NO SEAT” places that suit perfectly for a true metal band. In between some songs you can hear bassist Ricardo Iorio and vocalist Claudio O’Connor introducing the songs or interacting with the crowd, if you want to know who do perform in Hermetica in this album: Claudio O’Connor on vocals, Ricardo Iorio on Bass, Antonio Romano on guitars and Claudio Strunz on drums, the crowd is awesome always cheering up the band, you wouldn’t believe there were only 2.500 people in there.
Some of the songs suffered little variations in the live set, for example, Sepulcro Civil starts with an introduction from the song Masa Anestesiada (not included on the album) and the second part of Del Camionero is played a bit faster than the real version.