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Heresy - Downpour

So, Heresy released a new single - 60%

6CORPSE6GRINDER6, October 10th, 2018

I thought I was completely done with this band since I didn't like their first record at all but I stumbled upon this single a couple of days ago in the “new releases for you” Spotify section and gave it a chance, since it was only one click away. The first thing I noticed is the heavier and more old-school oriented riffing, then there are some amusing leads and a pretty good solo. The inclusion of a new guitarist seriously changed the band's face. The song's production is over polished and sounds pretty digital and synthetic, just as their first album. I guess you could say that's the band's trademark sound.

Composition-wise the band is still generic and formulaic but the better taste in the riffing makes it way more enjoyable. The opening guitar riff is repeated like 32 bars but is catchy and strong enough to serve as the intro, also as a nice mattress for the rest of the band to kick in and then as the first verse. Drum beats combine mid-paced sections with faster tupa-tupa classic thrash beats to make the song a little more dynamic. The chorus is made up by open chords and the drums slow down even more to give the groovy breakdown feel; not very heavy though, because of the melodic lead arrangement in the back. Vocals are my least favorite part of the song, still too clean for proper thrash.

The song's climax is the Slayerish lead bridge that precedes the solo and the solo section of course, where there are more interesting riff changes and heavier themes overall. I guess they are back in my radar now because I feel there's an improvement in this new material by the band and local acts are always interesting to check. The song's OK, the execution is neat and there's effort involved in the production. I wouldn't recommend this to die-hard fans of the old school, but if you can separate the crystal clear production from the mean riffing there's something here you might actually enjoy.