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Into the Drone. - 77%

erickg13, March 17th, 2007

Her Name is Death’s demo “Loathsome Christ” is an oddly interesting album. I don’t like much drone, but this one is different. There’s just something about it that takes you into a spacey state and leaves you there for a solid 20 minutes.

This release is perfect when you don’t have much of a mood, as this doesn’t really have much of a mood itself. There is no lyrics to convey a message, no fancy production, just raw drone metal.

The only real complain of “Loathsome Christ” is the drums, they sound as though they were recorded in a 53 foot cargo container, and your on the opposite end. Other than that, there are none. The guitars are exactly what you would expect on a drone piece, as they sound like really metallic vacuum cleaners.

Overall, Her Name is Death’s demo “Loathsome Christ” is enjoyable, but not great. If you like drone metal, you will enjoy this, it’s just that simple. Hopefully we can hear more material like this from this band, and if this is an indication of what we can expect, then we should be in for a real treat.