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Celtic Black Metal - 96%

MetalKonig, September 3rd, 2006

The band Heol Telwen, merging celtic influences into the raw aggression of black metal...quite a task but it has been done before (Belinus for one). In my opinion though no one has done it quite right, either the style favored the black metal too much, drowning out the classic celtic instruments or there was too much focus on the folk instruments, making it not black metal at all. This band fuses them together perfectly I think.

Songs like Ar Korrigan Du, Dahud, Enez Glaz, Kan Ar Kern are definitely what I find to be the more aggressive songs on the album. The guitar is more prominent in the mixture, the drums have that black metal drive (fast) and you can even hear the bass going along at a quick pace!

Other songs like Epona Parts 1 and 2, Son Ar Everzeh, Heol Telwen, An Dei Ruz are right in the middle, fusing both celtic instruments and metal instruments in harmony. The guitars I find to slow down some and even the drums though its no less enjoyable. Occassionally chanting enters songs like these, backing up the vocalist. This only adds more to the atmosphere of the song, the chanting sounds of battle, and the whistle would strengthen the heart of any warrior.

Then the songs Etre Douae Mor, An Douar Eleh Mon Ganet and Ynis Witrinn are strictly acoustic/folk pieces. This gives the intro, the middle and the end for me. It starts with An Douar Eleh Mon Ganet, a good intro but nothing utterly amazing, still sets the celtic mood though. Then more or less in the middle is Etre Douae Mor, which is a very cool folk song with guitars later on. The song starts with what I believe to be a bohdran (Irish drum) but I could be wrong...anyway it sounds like a war drum and starts the song off and as it builds it turns into a fast celtic battle charge! The outro song Ynis Witrinn winds everything down and adds a somber chanting background as it fades. An exceelent way to end the album, making you feel sad already that the album is coming to and end.

All in all this album is excellent and I reccommend buying it if you're open to more than just straight up metal.