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Exit-13/Hemdale split CD - 90%

GoreHammer, April 10th, 2004

Exit-13's side
Exit-13's side of the split consists of tracks from the 7" Gout D' Belgium/Black Weakeners, the split 7" with Multiplex, a Terrorizer cover song, and two live tracks. This is some of the most brutal grind i have heard from Exit-13. Gout D' Belgium and Black Weakeners are a face paced type of brutal grind, very good. the song entitled Storm of Stress is the Terrorizer cover, done very well. The live track, Societally Provoked Genocidal Contemplation, is good quality with a fucking great choice of pitchshifter. But the live track, Terminal Habitation is not so great quality, back when there were no pitchshifters as well. All around, great side.

Hemdale's side
Hemdale's side consists of tracks from the 7" with Exit-13, a Napalm Death cover, a track from the split with Exhumed, then a live Grave cover. Very brutal goregrind for this side of the split. Not a boring second for this side. The live Grave cover has very good quality as well. Each track on the album has great quality as well. This split is a must for any grind head. Only 1700 were made so it might be hard to find though.