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Pure 80s Traditional Metal - 90%

Paralyzer2010, May 15th, 2011

Traditional metal has been on the uproar over the past few years and has brought us numerous bands that have gained worldwide success but some have struggled to reach a fanbase beyond their home country or continent. This is where Sweden’s Helvetets Port falls. They’ve taken a backseat to their Swedish counterparts Enforcer and Steelwing. These guys can compete and should be right up there with those guys.

“Man With The Chains” is the first offering from Helvetets Port since 2009’s “exodus To Hell” full length album. This was released on vinyl and limited to a mere 500 copies and is already sold out. “Man With The Chains” features 3 brand new tracks, and none of which disappoint.

The first song is “Crusaders Must Ride” and if the guitar work at the start of the song doesn’t hook you, then the rest of the song surely will. This sounds like pure 80s metal, and if I didn’t know they were from the 2000s, I would’ve swore this came out in the mid-80s. Track two is the namesake of this EP, “Man With The Chains.” They follow the same traditional recipe just as in the first song with soaring vocals, great riffing, and shredding solos. The choruses are beautifully melodic with excellent vocals by Witchfinder. Helvetets Port then closes the EP with the song “Lightning Rod Avenger.” Once again, this is just pure 80s metal mania. This was a great way to close the album where each band member just shows what they are made of, and Helvetets Port proves that they are worthy of being a leader in the traditional movement.

As I already stated earlier, Helvetets Port sounds like they are straight out of the 80s. They should be easily competing with bands like Enforcer, Steelwing, Cauldron or White Wizzard. If they keep making music like this then they should be noticed by more than just the European metalheads. Watch out for Helvetets Port as they are sure to continue to rise and dominate the traditional metal scene.

-Mike Mendyk
Steel & Fire Records