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Good Songs Bad Mix - 50%

TexanCycoThrasher, June 10th, 2009

One day when I was browsing through the inventory in my local used cd shop I came across this, & hearing the endless praise that Helstar regularly gets I figured for seven bucks why not?

Well let me begin with how this album is mixed…..not at all. Ya I know this is a live album but come on! The guitars are way to overbearing, so much so that even James Rivera is drowned out.

But the musicianship is good but utterly suffers from the bad mix. The guitars as previously stated get the limelight on this release. They sound decent compared to the rest of this mess, the riffs still have an energetic touch, but barely. The solos however are horribly drowned into the fuzzy, drunken crowd yelling, themed abyss. Now what you can hear of the solos is decent. But the rhythm section suffers deeply because of the mastering as well, on most of the album you can’t even hear the bass. The percussion is heard but not much, but like the guitar solos what you can hear of it is good, and fairly speedy as well. But as for James’ performance, you can tell he was trying his best, but he’s pretty drowned out of the mix most of the times, except when he does his banshee-esc wails, that’s when arises above everything else. But some points you can hear the various crowd members yelling, which I find to be an amusing aspect of this release, my personal favorite is before they play Baptized in Blood when you hear someone yell, ”Hey! Merry Christmas man! Woo!”. I laugh every time I hear that.

The finish this up, is Twas the Night of a Hellish X-Mas worth buying? No, if this was a more polished live album then it’d be worth it but seeing as how shitty the mix is it’s not worth it, unless you’re a crazed collector like myself-50%