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An Overlooked Neo-Classical Thrash Masterpiece - 100%

nostrovia, November 26th, 2009

I've had this album in my collection for years and I still consider it one of the most creative and original neo-classical thrash metal albums I've ever heard. Every song on this album is perfect! There are so many mind blowing rhythms and melodies on this album and they intertwine so fluidly that there are points where I'm not sure a distinction can be made between the two guitars, and it sounds SOOOO cool!

The lead work is excellent as well with the two guitarists of the band switching off leads. Great creative drumming too. There are parts in some of the songs that hit the coolest thrash grooves!!! The riffs are fast, complex, ever changing, and nearly impossible to figure out. Much of the album is tuned down or in drop-d, but nothing like a Mal-core sound, you really can't tell the guitars are dropped.

I would think that fans of Yngwie Malmsteen can't go wrong with this, but do realize this is not Malmsteen album, it far transcends anything he's done, and it it's own animal. This is a concept album for most of the tracks spanning the story of Dracula. It does have a haunting atmosphere. Maybe a bit of that haunting King Diamond vibe if I really was pressed to make comparisons. The vocals while in the realm of power metal to me are very fitting to this album, and not as whiney and operatic as typical power metal (I'm not a power metal fan) and certainly nothing as over the top as King Diamond's style.

If you like intricate, intelligent, and unpredictable metal I think you'd appreciate this masterpiece. Get this and spread the word so this album can get some of the recognition it deserves.

I give this album a 100% because it so perfectly defines the genre, it has little to no flaws, and is simply quality musicianship and song craft throughout. At the same time it's never boring and it doesn't wear thin. Highly unusual for the genre.