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Yep, this licks balls. - 20%

caspian, April 30th, 2007

I try not to jump on band bashing bandwagons. I think St.Anger was very underrated, the same with In Flames's STYE. I like to think I'm not to prejudiced and narrow minded. Also, I never really hated Mudvayne, so that wasn't a huge turnoff. I was expecting something bland but not terribly offensive .

Unfortunately, I was very wrong. This song licks down the wang.

I will be honest, I didn't find the guitars or drums that annoying. It's generic hard rock/nu metal stuff, and I can stand that. The drums keep a solid backbeat, if not much else, and the guitars play a fairly standard modern rock deal.. Some quieter bits, some .. "big riffs", a half assed solo that's real lame but not that offensive, you know, just general modern rock stuff. Imagine a slightly heavier Nickelback and you're not too far away. Yeah, I can handle the instruments, but they're not the problem here.

The problem is easy to describe: The Vocals and the Production. I'll talk about the production. It's generic and not terrible, but there's absolutely no dynamics. Obviously modern rock is very compressed, and that's the nature of today's recording industry, but the 'quieter' bits at the start are just as loud as the loud bits, and well, it generally sounds crap.

Of course, poor mastering wouldn't make a song crap. However, poor vocals can make stuff bad. And you'd be hard pressed to find worse vocals. I'd prefer that the Nightwish singer sung on this single. It is really bad. The singer sings out of tune a few times, and I'd be hard pressed to find someone with a worse growled voice. "BRINGING ME DOWNNN" yuck. And don't get me started on the screams. I'd say the lyrics are also worth a look:

You couldn't be, you couldn?t be me even if you wanted to,
Everything I've been through. You wouldn?t know
Live your life, soaking up all my sunshine,
And smile your whole life,
I wouldn't know

Lightning's crashin'
Thunder's rolling all around me,
Bringin me down
Stars are falling,
Fires lighting all around me,
Burning me down

Yeah, it's pretty shit. It's made even worse by the fact that he can't sing for nuts, and that his voice is annoyingly easy to understand. It seems obvious to me that if you're to write totally balls lyrics, at least death growl them so no one can hear what you're saying.

Man, this song really sucks. While some songs reveal new layers with every listen, this song reveals more out of tune vocals, terrible vibrato in the solo, and just general awfulness. Don't buy. Download, then write reviews about how much it sucks.