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The worst single of '07 - 10%

MorbidAtheist666, April 28th, 2007

I have listened to this song 4 times and I didn’t like it at all. This is without a doubt the worst shit to come out this year. They make Damageplan sound good! Now that’s going really far. This band features the great Vinnie Paul, Mudvayne members, a Nothingface member and a member that was in Damageplan. Well with a line-up like that, maybe Vinnie was going to show them how real metal is done? Yeah, fucking right!

The song starts out with a clean sounding guitar and clean vocals playing at the same time. No drums yet. The guitar sounds OK. It’s alright that there was some vibrato during the :16.. By the :26 mark, the dirty vocals, distorted guitar, and drums come in. The dirty vocals are poor and they remind me of Mudvayne’s ultra annoying vocals. Oh wait, that is the guy from Mudvayne! He tries to hard to sound good and fails miserably. The vocals are all over the place and they extremely inconsistent. That scream is pathetic. My dead grandmother on my father's side can scream better than that! As for Vinnie Paul’s drumming, it sounds very generic and bland. Nothing special at all, it sounds mid-paced and boring. It’s not like the drumming he did in Pantera. I’d rather listen to Vinnie’s performance on Damageplan than Hellyeah! Folks, it’s that bad! Unfortunately the drums sound really excellent (the china and ride sound really good), but are not put to good use. The crash sounds annoying and dull.

The guitar riffs are extremely unmemorable and they’re organized very badly. The guitars are incon The guitarists are not creative at all. I’ve listened to this shit before and it’s nothing new. It is simply nu-metal and not worthy to be called heavy metal. The guitar solo is very weak and it is the most unmemorable guitar solo ever. Where’s the bass? I got good ears and I heard some of it. The generic sounding guitars drowns out the bass. This is more hard rock than heavy metal. It is sad that it’s called heavy metal.

I wanted to check out Hellyeah, because of Vinnie Paul being involved This is more like Hellno than Hellyeah! Is Vinnie Paul out of his gord? I have listened to ‘em on the radio once, but forgot what they sounded like. I wish I didn’t know about You Wouldn’t Know. I just wanted to give Hellyeah a fair chance. They fail and bring nothing new. It’s generic hard rock bullshit that you could easily find a terrestrial radio FM station. I must advise all true metalheads to stay away from Hellyeah. They are just a crappy hard rock band and are not close to being metal. Avoid this at all costs! This was intended strictly for the bratty mallcore kids and brain dead mallcore adults (you all need help!). This is not worthy and you’re going to basically waste 4:18 of your life!