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Why is this on the Metal-Archives? - 12%

Deathcoreisnotmetal, August 23rd, 2010

While browsing the review archives on this site, I saw a review for a band called Hellyeah. I thought it couldn’t be the Hellyeah with members from Mudvayne. So I went to the bands page, and looked at the group members. To my own dismay it was in fact the very same group. But this band is on the Metal-Archives, so the have to be metal. How bad could it be?

Extremely bad, that’s how bad. Perhaps from a lack of listening to this bands’ full discography is why I don’t recognize them as a metal band. But if their other releases are anything like this single, I question how this band got on, and stayed on the archives. Yes, the song includes deep, distorted guitar riffs, and the occasional scream vocal, but does that make it metal? Of course it doesn’t. If every half-assed band who has distorted guitars can be considered “metal” than I for one would be embarrassed to call myself a metalhead. But I digress.

What is really annoying about this song is the fact that there’s no stand out anything. I’m not saying a release has to be incredibly original or anything, but the main guitar riff for this song is just stolen from almost every other nu/groove metal song out there. Stolen isn’t even the right word, reused is better. The singing is just a mock version of Philip Anselmo’s, of Pantera, vocals. Which his vocals suck anyway, it was shocking to hear this even shittier version of such a laughing stock vocalist. The drums were the boring bass pedal, snare for a few minutes then a few variations every so often. That works in ambient black metal, but when that kind of drumming is used for a more aggressive genre (I don’t know how aggressive groove metal is anyway), it doesn’t fit at all.

The lyrics have been mentioned in several reviews before mine, so I won’t go into to too much detail, but come on. I don’t get what they’re trying to prove, or what they mean, but whatever it is they’re repetitive whiny bullshit. At least be creative with the lyrics if you’re going to make them pointless.

So basically this song takes the worst elements of several genres, some shitty and some good, and combines them to make one pile of garbage. The bad elements cancel out the good elements completely. The release wasn't complete noise, and the songs had some structure to them, so the release doesn't deserve a 0.