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Why is this on the Metal-Archives? - 12%

Deathcoreisnotmetal, August 23rd, 2010

While browsing the review archives on this site, I saw a review for a band called Hellyeah. I thought it couldn’t be the Hellyeah with members from Mudvayne. So I went to the bands page, and looked at the group members. To my own dismay it was in fact the very same group. But this band is on the Metal-Archives, so the have to be metal. How bad could it be?

Extremely bad, that’s how bad. Perhaps from a lack of listening to this bands’ full discography is why I don’t recognize them as a metal band. But if their other releases are anything like this single, I question how this band got on, and stayed on the archives. Yes, the song includes deep, distorted guitar riffs, and the occasional scream vocal, but does that make it metal? Of course it doesn’t. If every half-assed band who has distorted guitars can be considered “metal” than I for one would be embarrassed to call myself a metalhead. But I digress.

What is really annoying about this song is the fact that there’s no stand out anything. I’m not saying a release has to be incredibly original or anything, but the main guitar riff for this song is just stolen from almost every other nu/groove metal song out there. Stolen isn’t even the right word, reused is better. The singing is just a mock version of Philip Anselmo’s, of Pantera, vocals. Which his vocals suck anyway, it was shocking to hear this even shittier version of such a laughing stock vocalist. The drums were the boring bass pedal, snare for a few minutes then a few variations every so often. That works in ambient black metal, but when that kind of drumming is used for a more aggressive genre (I don’t know how aggressive groove metal is anyway), it doesn’t fit at all.

The lyrics have been mentioned in several reviews before mine, so I won’t go into to too much detail, but come on. I don’t get what they’re trying to prove, or what they mean, but whatever it is they’re repetitive whiny bullshit. At least be creative with the lyrics if you’re going to make them pointless.

So basically this song takes the worst elements of several genres, some shitty and some good, and combines them to make one pile of garbage. The bad elements cancel out the good elements completely. The release wasn't complete noise, and the songs had some structure to them, so the release doesn't deserve a 0.

I listened to the entire song. Big mistake. - 1%

DGYDP, December 23rd, 2007

When I got this single as a gift from a friend, I noticed how it had only one song on it. I don’t like singles with only one song on it, because there’s really no purpose in buying a single when you can get the entire album with the same song plus a bunch of other ones. Anybody who would buy this, even if they like the music, is either really stupid or the band’s greatest fan. This is my first complaint. I figured that since this is the only song on the disc it must be a really good song. Also, since it’s of the first album that Vinnie Paul played on since Dimebag’s death, it gave me more reason to believe this would be awesome. Before actually listening to it, I looked up some more information about the band (because I didn’t really knew much about it). Turns out that Chad Gray from Mudvayne did the vocals. I have heard that band before and I can safely say that this guy has one of the most annoying voices to ever reach my ears. On guitar, another Mudvayne member. I don’t like them, and I wondered why an awesome drummer like Vinnie would want to make music with a band like Mudvayne. I’m still wondering why …

The song starts of with Gray’s annoying voice, and a slow guitar riff in the background. The purpose of the intro is not clear to me, but maybe they wanted to scare away all metal fans by putting 25 seconds of “stay away” in the beginning of the song. Is this the first thing that Paul wanted to let his fans hear after years of absence? I can’t believe it. After this, a simple, “heavy” guitar riff kicks in while Gray demonstrates how much he sucks as singing. I think he tried to do some sort of scream, but if this is his idea of screaming than he probably needs to get his mental health checked. I’m waiting until he finally stops making noise until Paul starts doing a kick ass drum solo to demonstrate he still has the skills. This doesn’t occur, and in stead, the listener has to endure more than 200 seconds of Gray’s crappy vocals. During this time, only a couple of different guitar riffs are audible. If you thought that the instrumental part would make up for Chad’s incapability, you were wrong. The riffs are ridiculously simple. Thank god that there are also drums playing, to indicate that Paul is in fact still alive. The problem is that in stead of an awesome drum beat, it’s just basic, simple stuff. I’m not going to say that I could play it, but you get the point. Next thing to focus on was the bass. But where is the bass? After distinguishing the bass line, I discover it’s just a copy of the rhythm guitar part. Crap. There’s not a single instrument worth listening to in this song. I’m getting really desperate. Just when I start to think it can’t get any worse, there’s a solo. Thank god, at least somebody decided to save this song from absolute failure.

Too bad the solo is worth nothing. It’s easy as hell and I’m sure Dimebag would roll in his grave if he heard what replacement Paul had chosen for his lead guitar work. Even if it’s a horrible solo, at least there is a solo. This is the coolest part of the song because it’s the only part where Chad finally shuts the hell up. Then again, complete silence is more fun to listen to than Chad Gray. Then he starts singing again. Holy son of god, the annoying intro from the beginning starts playing again. Somebody stop this bullshit. Thank god the song ends soon after, because I was about to murder my cd player.

I can’t believe I listened to the entire song. After hearing it, I feel like murdering all members of Mudvayne. Is there even a positive side about this project? What the hell happened to Paul? Why? WHY?

Well … I wouldn’t know …

This song receives 1/100, and only because there's half a minute where Chad Gray shuts up. I praise the lord for that part, even though the alternative is a crappy solo.

Yep, this licks balls. - 20%

caspian, April 30th, 2007

I try not to jump on band bashing bandwagons. I think St.Anger was very underrated, the same with In Flames's STYE. I like to think I'm not to prejudiced and narrow minded. Also, I never really hated Mudvayne, so that wasn't a huge turnoff. I was expecting something bland but not terribly offensive .

Unfortunately, I was very wrong. This song licks down the wang.

I will be honest, I didn't find the guitars or drums that annoying. It's generic hard rock/nu metal stuff, and I can stand that. The drums keep a solid backbeat, if not much else, and the guitars play a fairly standard modern rock deal.. Some quieter bits, some .. "big riffs", a half assed solo that's real lame but not that offensive, you know, just general modern rock stuff. Imagine a slightly heavier Nickelback and you're not too far away. Yeah, I can handle the instruments, but they're not the problem here.

The problem is easy to describe: The Vocals and the Production. I'll talk about the production. It's generic and not terrible, but there's absolutely no dynamics. Obviously modern rock is very compressed, and that's the nature of today's recording industry, but the 'quieter' bits at the start are just as loud as the loud bits, and well, it generally sounds crap.

Of course, poor mastering wouldn't make a song crap. However, poor vocals can make stuff bad. And you'd be hard pressed to find worse vocals. I'd prefer that the Nightwish singer sung on this single. It is really bad. The singer sings out of tune a few times, and I'd be hard pressed to find someone with a worse growled voice. "BRINGING ME DOWNNN" yuck. And don't get me started on the screams. I'd say the lyrics are also worth a look:

You couldn't be, you couldn?t be me even if you wanted to,
Everything I've been through. You wouldn?t know
Live your life, soaking up all my sunshine,
And smile your whole life,
I wouldn't know

Lightning's crashin'
Thunder's rolling all around me,
Bringin me down
Stars are falling,
Fires lighting all around me,
Burning me down

Yeah, it's pretty shit. It's made even worse by the fact that he can't sing for nuts, and that his voice is annoyingly easy to understand. It seems obvious to me that if you're to write totally balls lyrics, at least death growl them so no one can hear what you're saying.

Man, this song really sucks. While some songs reveal new layers with every listen, this song reveals more out of tune vocals, terrible vibrato in the solo, and just general awfulness. Don't buy. Download, then write reviews about how much it sucks.

The worst single of '07 - 10%

MorbidAtheist666, April 28th, 2007

I have listened to this song 4 times and I didn’t like it at all. This is without a doubt the worst shit to come out this year. They make Damageplan sound good! Now that’s going really far. This band features the great Vinnie Paul, Mudvayne members, a Nothingface member and a member that was in Damageplan. Well with a line-up like that, maybe Vinnie was going to show them how real metal is done? Yeah, fucking right!

The song starts out with a clean sounding guitar and clean vocals playing at the same time. No drums yet. The guitar sounds OK. It’s alright that there was some vibrato during the :16.. By the :26 mark, the dirty vocals, distorted guitar, and drums come in. The dirty vocals are poor and they remind me of Mudvayne’s ultra annoying vocals. Oh wait, that is the guy from Mudvayne! He tries to hard to sound good and fails miserably. The vocals are all over the place and they extremely inconsistent. That scream is pathetic. My dead grandmother on my father's side can scream better than that! As for Vinnie Paul’s drumming, it sounds very generic and bland. Nothing special at all, it sounds mid-paced and boring. It’s not like the drumming he did in Pantera. I’d rather listen to Vinnie’s performance on Damageplan than Hellyeah! Folks, it’s that bad! Unfortunately the drums sound really excellent (the china and ride sound really good), but are not put to good use. The crash sounds annoying and dull.

The guitar riffs are extremely unmemorable and they’re organized very badly. The guitars are incon The guitarists are not creative at all. I’ve listened to this shit before and it’s nothing new. It is simply nu-metal and not worthy to be called heavy metal. The guitar solo is very weak and it is the most unmemorable guitar solo ever. Where’s the bass? I got good ears and I heard some of it. The generic sounding guitars drowns out the bass. This is more hard rock than heavy metal. It is sad that it’s called heavy metal.

I wanted to check out Hellyeah, because of Vinnie Paul being involved This is more like Hellno than Hellyeah! Is Vinnie Paul out of his gord? I have listened to ‘em on the radio once, but forgot what they sounded like. I wish I didn’t know about You Wouldn’t Know. I just wanted to give Hellyeah a fair chance. They fail and bring nothing new. It’s generic hard rock bullshit that you could easily find a terrestrial radio FM station. I must advise all true metalheads to stay away from Hellyeah. They are just a crappy hard rock band and are not close to being metal. Avoid this at all costs! This was intended strictly for the bratty mallcore kids and brain dead mallcore adults (you all need help!). This is not worthy and you’re going to basically waste 4:18 of your life!