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A Fine Metal Album - 65%

GuitarNick, February 24th, 2013

An album for headbangers. Nothing really special or original, just hard and nice stuff. The guitars are not weak nor skillfull, just mediocre. The soloing lacks of influence and skill. As for the drumming you might expect something more from Vinnie Paul. The vocalist, however, is fitting the band's sound really sweet, but he is not a special talent either.

The thing is that, as an overall result, the songs of the album are "easy-listening" and once you get a chance to look into them you're definately gonna give them some credit. After all, what kind of metalhead wouldn't want to listen some plain, ordinary kick ass music? The riffs are lacking of inspiration but they are surely heavy and hard all the way, they're metal.

As for the lyrics, again, nothing special. "Cold As A Stone" and " Stand Or Walk Away" are examples of non-originality, efforts to bury the album's lyrics' worth. On the other hand there are some aggressive enjoyful lyrics on " Cowboy's Way " that definately blend nicely with the music, and lyrics with strong political influence on " Order the Sun", which surely got something to give you. However, the hidden treasure of the album is " Hell Of A Time", which you should listen with your friends and girlfriends by the light of a campfire, down at a beach, with lots of booze.

Generally, if you like southern/texas metal or enjoy making your neighbours' ears bleed while breacking your neck headbanging, I definately recommend you this album. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more elegant, skillful, inspired or just trully original, you surely won't find it here.