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Waste - 10%

dang710, November 9th, 2008

Where to begin with this mess of a band? Track one seems like a decent place: Hellyeah, is its title, as is the album title, and the band name. And that about sums up what one should expect from this group; derivative, trite, and unbearably stupid music that should have fans of the bands from which this "supergroup" is comprised scratching their heads and stabbing their ears.

For starters, Hellyeah is comprised of members of three bands: Pantera, Mudvayne, and Nothingface. Vinnie Paul, the lesser of the Abbott brothers, acts as a godfather of sorts for the group; based on this, let's all pray he doesn't attempt to do anything similar again.

The group lurches its way through 12 tracks that all sound the same, and never sound good. For an album with such a background of experience, the fact that these tracks manage to be so terrible is almost astounding. The problem lies in the fact that these bands, while ranging from legendary (Pantera) to almost unlikeable (Mudvayne), simply should not cooperate for any musical endeavor. Pantera were thrash; Nothingface, aggro, and Mudvayne somewhere between math-metal and American alternative metal-- so while the latter two toured together, they play styles of metal that differ harshly.

This wouldn't be a problem if each group attempted to filter this influence through the group's Southern metal style; but they don't. What they do instead is attempt to recreate the worst moments of Pantera's career with members from Mudvayne acting as Dimebag and Phil Anselmo. Why, is beyond me: if anything, the group is made up of the worst portion of Mudvayne-- at least the rhythm section is talented. Chad Gray is one of the worst lyricists ever, even in the sound-over-substance world of metal-- that he is the main lyricist here is both painfully obvious and just plain painful.

To top it off, the group is playing Southern metal (supposedly), but Mudvayne are from Peoria, Illinois of all places. Nothingface hail from Washington DC. The only person here who should be playing Southern music is Vinnie Paul; the results sound almost like a parody, only without any sense of irony or fun.

That this group is sullying two very good bands is unforgivable. If Pantera's place in metal history isn't cemented already, this certainly won't help sway naysayers. Nothingface are a personal favorite of mine, and their music shouldn't be anyway associated with this train wreck. This isn't the worst album ever, but it is the worst for these associated acts.

10/100. Don't even waste your time. Pick up Far Beyond Driven or An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity and remind yourself that these boys make some great metal when they're not named Hellyeah and wearing stupid cowboy hats.