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HELL NO! (Get it? It's because it's really bad) - 12%

Wizardjoe, November 4th, 2007

I can't really say much about this that hasn't already been said in the below reviews. Nu-metal shit made up of shit nu-metal band members (and Vinnie Paul of Pantera, Damageplan, etc - bad move, Vinnie). Two of the members are from Mudvayne who I hate. Hellyeah is therefore very Mudvayne. Which I hate.

The music is at times reminiscent of Linkin Park who I hate - just go listen to "Star". Which I hate. The riffs are dry as a bone, one that has been left in a really really dry place like a desert. That's pretty dry. The drumming is admittedly as tight as a crab's arsehole, but it’s still no excuse for Vinnie's appearance on this album. His stickwork is pretty much the highlight for the album, good work saving it from total oblivion there. That said, it is still the slackest performance I've heard from the cowboy.

The songs themselves are pretty dissimilar, except for the odd lame ballad such as "Alcohaulin' Ass". Right from the get go, I feel like turning the album straight off and throwing it outside into a conveniently placed garbage truck. Because it's utter garbage - get it? I think there is possibly one track with a bit of attitude, “Goddamn”, which is still pretty skippable.

I had nothing against the Damageplan album, I actually liked it quite a bit. It seemed to get quite a lot of negative reviews on this site, but believe me - it is far better than this.