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Haha - 1%

TrooperOfThrash, June 27th, 2007

When a band that's 80% nu-metal and 20% ex-Pantera, you can't really expect anything great. Let's face it, Damageplan was horrible nu-metal tripe and Mudvayne is just another throwaway. Combine these with a disgusting "redneck" image and you have HELLYEAH. Disregarding the awful band name and image, this album has one other flaw - the music. Yeah, its a pretty big one. There is zero inspiration, zero creativity, zero talent, and frankly zero enjoyment to be found here.

The album consists almost entirely of horribly generic "groove metal" that sounds like a middle school band attempting to cover Pantera. Theres a ballad, of course, given the masterwork of literary wordplay "Alcohaulin Ass". Immature songs like "Goddamn" show pretty clearly where the metal scene gets its bad image, with a fuck and a shit being dropped just about every other line. I guess HELLYEAH was going for the "me so angry" mood.

Half way through the album all the instruments start to blend together as each track mindlessly plods into the next. Catchy riffs, solos, or vocal lines are no where to be found here. Expect the same downtuned crap that Slipknot or KoRn might put out instead. Why this band is on this website is a mystery, let alone why they have the "Heavy Metal" genre. Listen to Iron Maiden and then listen to HELLYEAH, which one is heavy metal? Its pretty obvious.

This album is unfortunate in that there are zero redeeming factors. If you want to listen to another garbage nu-metal album then HELLYEAH is perfect for you. I cannot say that I am a Pantera fan, but Vinnie Paul essentially shits on Dimebags grave with this album. Try harder next time, guys.