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Mere words cannot decribe the shittiness of this - 10%

Mungo, April 24th, 2007

Firstly, let me say I have no fucking idea why these guys were accepted on the archive. To call them 'Heavy Metal' would be an insult to everything the genre stands for, as this is pure mallcore for the kiddies to wank over. This so called 'supergroup' is comprised of two members from Mudvayne, one from Nothingface and one from Damageplan. The only member of this band which has at least some relation to metal is Vinnie Paul, and it seems as if he has become the only reason this group has been noticed and called 'metal' by some.

With one guitarist from a nu band and the other from an alternative band, you can imagine what the so called 'riffs' sound like. I remember reading an interview in which Vinnie claimed they were trying to bring "that kickass groove back", and while there is groove here and plenty of it, in order for any respectable person to call it kickass said person must be smoking some seriously good stuff. What the riffing sounds like is something which your average nu band of the day would be putting out. Really, if you've heard KoRn or something similar, you'll know what this sounds like. Riffs that could in some cases be played by a guitarist who has been playing less than a year feature here in large quantities, and while they will occasionally get some sort of alright groove going they proceed to fuck it up with yet another nu metal riff.

What makes this worse is the guitar tone. It is tuned ridiculously low. While this isn't a bad thing in itself seeing as many respectable Death Metal bands downtune, the production cuts off any balls it may have previously held by making the guitar sound muffled and lifeless. The songwriting is through the motions verse chorus stuff. When they try to be really heavy it turns out laughable (see the chorus of the title track) and they even employ that 'soft verse, loud chorus' shit which was used by the grunge movement. Then there are the half ballads which start off soft but get 'heavy' (I hesitate to use the word in this context) which are supposed to sound brooding or something like that but are plain pathetic. And lets not forget the lyrics either. They are supposed to convey having a 'who gives a fuck' attitude but sound laughable and stupid. And it is repetitive as well. All the songs blend into a massive wad of dog shit due to the same sounding riffs and the monotone vocalist.

As said before, the main reason this band was noticed was because Vinnie is in it, and really, he sounds like every other drummer out there. He normally just plays basic beats with some double kick thrown in here and there. The vocalist uses both raspy yells and whiny singing, while the guitarists can't write a good riff for shit, and even the soloing is standard.

So yeah, there is virtually no reason to get this. There can be a somewhat average riff that will pop up once every three songs or so, but apart from that this is a complete throwaway. It isn't even halfway through the year, but I predict that this will end up as one of the worst albums of 2007 easily. It was a waste of bandwidth (as if I would pay for this shit) and furthermore a waste of my time listening to this, and even if you can find it dirt cheap stay away from it.