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This isn't metal. - 8%

MattMilitia, March 31st, 2009

Yeah, so this is pretty much awful. This is not metal. I will explain what it is.

Basically, what we have here is an incredibly simple album.

Take the lead singer of Mudvayne (literally) and have him put on a cowboy hat and try to sound southern. Then, take Members of other shitty bands (like nothingface) and then add Vinnie Paul. Congrats! You've made a shitty "super-group" without any talent. Does not sound like a good idea to me. Pantera had some cool stuff in my opinion but, they wouldn't have been anything without Dimebag and it shows here.

The riffs on this album are generally simple power chords repeated multiple times. Hell, half the time they are pretty far in the background as well, but it isn't as if they are anything worth hearing anything. The vocals are of course, awful. I am not even sure if they were even trying to be metal, but they fail equally at being legitimate southern rock. They try to create a southern vibe throughout the entire album. However, the do not have any southern sounding riffs, leads, or vocals. I know, you might be saying "if there are no southern sounding...anything...on the album then how can they be trying to be southern" but, just look at them. If you combine their look, with the (awfully written) lyrics, you will know what I mean. It tries to create a "simple yet badass" atmosphere but, really just sounds tired and weak. Alabama Thunderpussy, this is not.

Oh, and yeah the lyrics suck too..

There aren't any hidden gems here, so if you think that this band might be better than their singles imply, don't bother. It sounds like what it is. Picture a regular modern rock band with Mudvayne's lead singer and unintelligent pseudo-cowboy gimmicks, and you have HellYeah. Vinnie Paul doesn't add anything here. Don't be fooled by him being in the band. This sounds nothing like Pantera. Hell, this album is worse than anything Damage Plan did, and they weren't exactly brilliant.

Scoring Summary: I really could give this garbage a 0, but I want to make that at least semi-difficult to achieve, so here we go. 4 points for being less annoying than Nothingface or Mudvayne. 1 point for the occasional uninspired lead (which takes more skill than Linkin Park). I guess I'll throw in 3 points for not being quite as big of posers as Annihilator. There you have it. A generous 8 points.

It really is too bad that Vinnie Paul was the one who lived....

RIP Dimebag