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Hellno! - 4%

JoeCapricorn, May 31st, 2007

What do you get when you gather a nu-metal singer, nu-metal guitarists, and a nu-metal bassist with an excellent drummer? You get shitty music with good drumming!

Unfortunately, drumming alone does not save this album from the depths of inanity. It's almost hilarious hearing Greg and Tom try to play trü heavy metal, but they always end up drifting into the realm of nü. The riffage almost entirely relies on hooks, like fishhooks to grab up the mallcore kiddies. In that respect, this does its job, and it doesn't matter how much an album sucks musically, it'll provide enjoyment for the shallow trendy kids. Hell, Matter of Time sounds like a fucking Korn cover! When Greg and Tom try to play technical, with odd time signatures, it ends up sounding like the illegitimate child of Meshuggah and Slipknot. When there's a solo, it's short and sweet, and while I love solos, not even the solos here can save this album. They are sparse, with breakdowns being more common.

Speaking of shallow, the vocals couldn't be more shallow. Chad Gray sung better in Mudvayne, and that's only after hearing a song on their Myspace. The lyrics are full of cheese, especially of the limberger variety. There is hardly any deep introspection, or calculated chaotic anger that is found in Pantera or even Damageplan. The lyrics are shallow and simplistic, probably to allow people who never heard Hellyeah sing along to the music, but that further sacrifices quality as the lyrics are hardly thought out. Whoever wrote these lyrics probably wrote down the first thing that came to mind and hardly edited a thing. They are beyond ridiculous, especially the lyrics of Alcohaulin’ Ass.

The bass just follows the groove ridden riffage of the guitars, there is hardly anything noticable about it, and since it follows the guitars, the bass sucks just as much as the guitars.

Actual songwriting is extremely standard for modern rock. Hellyeah is just another cookie cutter pop band, just with Vinnie Paul as its drummer. At some points they are trying their damn hardest to be like Pantera. Most of the time, they are trying to catch people's attention. Unfortunately, they are so mainstream oriented that every single song is boring. It doesn't grab my attention. There is nothing impressive on this album.

Except for the drumming. As I said, the drumming is by Vinnie Paul, and he's a good drummer. However, even he has done better. The drumming is fairly average, there are some interesting patterns he plays, but nothing particularly special.

By far the best song on this album is Thank You, not for the skill of playing it displays, which is still on par with the rest of the album, but for the meaning behind the song. This song goes out to Dimebag Darrel, who would've made Hellyeah fifty times better (assuming that Dimebag was still alive and that Damageplan broke up by now), and family members of Greg and Tom. However, the lyrics themselves don't specify that, so it can essentially go out to anyone the listener has in mind, a brother, a father, mother, sister, etc... It’s a good post-grunge/hard rock song, and I actually enjoy a little post-grunge and hard rock at times. The one thing really bad about this song is that a nauseating song with an appropriate song title follows it up.

The album closes with One Thing and I have often found myself asleep by now. I'm fighting the urge to fall asleep, despite it being 11 AM and after having a Red Bull. This album does absolutely nothing for me, not even the song Thank You. If you enjoy nu-metal with your thrash serving of the day, you might even like this album, but not if you are a true metalhead. Even if you are an average metalhead, such as myself, you won't hear anything new or interesting on this album. If you are even somewhat familiar with mainstream rock, you’ll just hear more of the same.