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More filler than anything. - 10%

AlexRoy666, February 24th, 2012

Hell Yeah's debut album is really one of the worst metal records in recent memory. You'd think a project involving Vinnie Paul would be great, right? Wrong. This band's debut record is really bad. Only three cuts out of the entire record are good. The rest of the album sucks. The songs are poorly written with bad lyrics, bad vocals, and repetitive riffs that become tiresome. I felt that the album was lazy and the members involved in the project were just trying to copy Pantera's sound, but with the added flavor of their respective bands. The sound of the album is raw, intense, and it just sounds as if they're trying to outdo everything that Pantera has done during their career. By hearing this album, you can clearly understand my point.

This debut sounds as if the band was trying to simply write the heaviest record they could. Unfortunately, the album lacks any sense of real melody to the riffs. What we have here is an album filled with more boring songs than memorable, fun tunes that really stand out. The band is just tired and uninspired. My biggest problem with the album is that it just isn't that interesting to listen to. The band try to write the heaviest songs, but they lacks any technical skill. This album has three good tracks: You Wouldn't Know, Alcohaulin' Ass, and the title track. Aside from this, the album isn't impressive and the songs tend to sound the same. Another point of note is the lyrics. I felt the band couldn't write any good lyrics and Chad Grey tries too hard this time around for an angry, angst-ridden vocal delivery that simply doesn't feel right. Like I stated earlier, these guys are simply trying to outdo what they did in their previous bands, and the result is a very mediocre one.

The production is raw, unpolished, and gives the album an in-your-face sound to it. The songwriting feels sloppy and lacks any real spark that would make this album a must. This is an album that has too many simplistic song structures, songs that rely more on how heavy the guitars are, and how vulgar the lyrics are. This album presents the listener with a tired formula that doesn't work. These musicians are struggling with trying to deliver good metal, but they ultimately fail because Hell Yeah is simply a cliché of previous bands. The fact that the band's lyrics only deal with partying and boozing it up and have no real meaning aside from debauchery is really a let-down. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good partying tune, but I also felt the band could have delivered more personal, meaningful songs. This is really what makes this band such a disappointment.

I felt that the album didn't withstand multiple listens and that the more I listened to it, the more I heard its flaws. I really wanted to enjoy this album, but after giving it numerous listens, you can hear that there is more filler than anything. The album feels rushed with little emphasis on the care for the music. The album as whole is a big disappointment and makes Hell Yeah a forgettable super group.