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A Truly Amazing Release for 1990! Essential... - 95%

razorfistforce, April 17th, 2012

Being that there are already multiple in-depth examinations of Hellwitch's "Syzygial Miscreancy" LP I'm going to keep this short and aim this review in a slightly different direction. This extremely short record clocking in at less than 30 minutes long and was released on Wild Rags in 1990. I sincerely believe that for the year 1990, this was one of the most impressive, cutting-edge, technically brilliant, well-produced, and over the top records in existence, and most definitely one of the greatest Wild Rags releases ever. Looking at the LP from a modern perspective it's just impossible to imagine how innovative this record was in 1990!

There's been so many groups that have tried, with dismally boring and often redundant results, to imitate this style of high-tech death metal that I think it has clouded many of the other reviewer's minds about this release. For tunes this high-speed and technical they are surprisingly memorable and the vocals a perfect fit, being of a higher-pitched, almost black metal-ish shriek/scream style,rather than more common gutteral death metal vocals.The guitar work is simply out of this world but totally sincere. One doesn't get the impression these guys were trying to impress anyone with their musical prowess, rather, Hellwitch, along with Athiest and Death, among several others, stumbled onto a new (for 1990) style of extreme metal...with brilliant results.

Admittedly, I'm NOT a fan of hyper-tech death metal, but I could listen to Hellwitch all day! This release is just so far-out and well-made for 1990, and even by today's standards, that it deserves to be held in the highest regard and treated with the utmost respect, as it was bands like Hellwitch who truly advanced the development of extreme death metal. One must only listen to Brazilian extremists Rebaelliun to hear the influence of Hellwitch. Another factor that makes this record so impressive is the drumming which is as impressive as anything around in '90 and perfectly recorded! In conclusion, when put in its historical perspective one cannot but be awestruck by the audacity and talent of this HUGELY under-rated group of rabid Floridians. HAIL!!!!