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Evil Heavy Metal the Chinese Way! - 87%

Mr_Allergic, February 4th, 2008

This really rocks! I had very low expectations when I stumbled across this little Chinese one-man project. Bloodfire is the artist behind this great band, and he is also a part of many other interesting black metal projects. Since it is from China and it was black n’ roll, it sparkled my interest so I had to try it, and I am glad I did. The music is an excellent blend of black metal and heavy metal, which Bloodfire has made with perfect harmony. The title of the album is quite amusing and is also a reason for that I felt an urge to download it. Even unserious bands can be good, and this one is.

The riffs are good, creative and heavy with that little extra blackened touch to it. You can immediately hear at the start of the first song that its very promising. What makes this album really black, is the vocals. They are pure, raw and powerful which creates that “grim” feeling, but also he sometimes goes to shouting, which is very heavy metal. In between he has put several other men shouting in the back ground, which is also very heavy metal like.

There are also some wicked solos in between, of course, but the best thing is the catchy, heavy riffs that makes you wanna bang your head. Also the voice, as that is the most important factor for the “black” part of the music.

Overall it’s a successful and overlooked release that needs more attention. I recommend it to most metal fans, especially to heavy metal and/or black metal fans. I’m hoping for more releases in the future.