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A NIce Dark Surprise - 80%

T_S_V_666_, April 20th, 2012

Wow, this record was not what I was expecting at all. I know the band had been kicking around in the underground for a few years but I had never heard any of their music. Needless to say this was much more a dark beast of an album than I thought I was getting when I picked it up.

It is being released through Hells Headbangers a solid underground label with a reputation for putting out both great and terrible underground black and death metal bands. I was leaning toward this being a not very impressive record, it being their first release and all, but the killer cover image drew me in. And man I am glad I did.

This is far from your typical standard black or death metal fodder. This is a band that doesn't reinvent the wheel, but mangles the hell out of it so it is forced to slowly and painfully continue down the pathway to hell. Thats the best way I can think of to describe this monstrosity of an album. While predominately a black/death album there is a heavy doom presence on this album which adds a nice layer of evil and grit. Add to that some decent riffing and vocals reminiscent of the most recent teitanblood release and you have a pretty good idea of what your getting here.

In summation this album isn't going to start some new trend or blow away everyone who hears it, but it definitely has a place in my collection. It also makes me hopeful for the future as this opening step is quite a beast, and I think all of us underground black metal freaks should keep an eye on this band in the future. Killer vibe, killer record, and it sounds like it was recorded in some underground torture chamber, a definite plus in my book. Get your hands on a copy of this and play it in late at night in the dark to get the full effect.