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Bestial Torture to the Enslaved - 80%

RazorDick, March 4th, 2013

When I first bought Hellvetron's demo cassette tape, "Ceremonial Crucifixion", from the Obeisance merch table, I was expecting it to be a chaotic whirlwind just like Alal'xhasztur's band Nyogthaeblisz, but Hellvetron took me by surprise. What first came to mind was those early industrial/noise groups such as Esoterica Landscape 7 and Metgumbnerbone along with black metal/noise band Abruptum.

This unlabeled black cassette holds within it the sounds of Hell and the tortured souls of sinners. The recording quality is surprisingly good for a black metal demo, everything is audible and yet it sounds murky, as if Alal'xhasztur was performing these rituals in the basement of a abandoned industrial factory. In Nyogthaeblisz his vocals are hateful, inhuman and blasphemous but in this demo they are painful, excruciating and agonizing, perfect for this style of ritualistic black metal. The songs lyrics deal with sexual rituals for the creation of the Anti-Christ, the tortured victims in Hell, Lucifer, misanthropy and blasphemy.

"Ceremonial Crucifixion" is meant to be heard from beginning to end as a whole but each track is still identifiable. From the heavily distorted bass, screeching guitar and agonizing growls on "Black Semen of the Demonic Goat", the creeping drums and the echoing guitar that sound like winds from the depths of a subterranean cavern on, "Bestial Torture to the Enslaved" and the shortest more straight forward black metal on, "Shaman of Black Ceremonial Torment".

If you can get ahold of this cassette tape, get it! It was very limited so good luck finding it!!