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Greatest compilation...ever? - 95%

Black_Star, March 7th, 2005

This double disc compilation by the German power metal pioneers is a great starting point for any new or casual fans but also die hards. "Treasure Chest" showcases the bands high points in the Keepers series and the low points found in "Pink Bubbles Go Ape" and "Chameleon". Also, the most popular songs are here with a few hidden gems.

Helloween's "Treasure Chest" ranks up there with some of the greates compilations ever like Judas Priest's "Metal Works '73-'93" and Iron Maiden's "Best of the Beast". This compilation is simply the best and most career spanding effort. This 15 year retrospective spands from their debut album, Walls Of Jericho to their latest entitled "The Dark Ride". This 29 song Best Of also has 5 of Helloween's best songs remixed.

This compilation has all Helloween's best songs. Some of these found on the first disc include the Keepers era classics like "I Want Out", "Future World", "Dr.Stein", "A Little Time" and "Eagle Fly Free". Found on "Treasure Chest" are the 13 minute epics "Halloween" and a remixed version of "Keeper Of The Seven Keys". There are also the very early and thrashy songs like "Starlight" and "Metal Invaders". As for second disc is concerned, more great songs are found like "Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)", "Kings Will Be Kings", "Mirror, Mirror", Perfect Gentleman" and "Immortal".

This compilation displays perfectly the great musicianship which created the power metal scene. It also gives the listener the opportunity to hear some great thrashy metal in a song like "Murderer" or a great ballad found in "Windmill". This double disc collection captures Helloween's best moments from every different era.

Also available is the special edition that comes with a third disc. Ths disc is mandatory to any die hard fan. It contains kick ass B sides including the great insrumentals "Oriental Journey" and a live preformance of "Moshi Moshi - Shiki No Uta". There is also a very good cover of the Judas Priest classic "The Hellion / Electric Eye".

In conclusion, it's been established over the course of this review that "Treasure Chest" is one of the greatest compilations, especially with the added third disc. The only potential problem with this retrospective is that some might not like the remixes but they are a different way of listening to classics. This treasure is great for long time fans and new comers to the German metal gods.

Simply - the BEST Helloween collection - 75%

aplws, January 4th, 2005

To those unfamiliar with Helloween's history - they are a German band responsible for the birth of European power metal, as it is known today. The bands carrier officially started back in 1986 with their debut album "Walls of Jericho" that made the band easily known to the public. Combining thrash-speed metal with classical and melodic elements the band achieved a very good beginning. The bands career reached it's highest point in 1987-1989 with the relishes of the "Keeper Of The seven Keys Part I&II" albums and the addition of the charismatic and nowadays most copied metal vocalist Michael Kiske! The band disappeared for a few years, due to record-label problems, released a couple of unsuccessful but nevertheless good records (91-93) and resurfaced in 1994 with a new line up ( new vocalist) releasing some overall great records.

This double Best Of CD is a wonderful collection of the greatest songs ever relished by Helloween. The songs included are the best known and most epic material of the bands 15 year career (old songs-remastered).

The best songs included here are the classic-powerful-heavy metal tunes: "I Want Out", "Future World", "Dr.Stein" and "The Chance", the fast-paced trade mark Helloween style ones: "Eagle Fly Free", "Ride The Sky", "How Many Tears", "Starlight" and "When The Rain Grows". Along with the over 13 minute epics: "Halloween" and "Keeper Of The Seven Keys", were the talent of the band members in both technicality and songwriting skills shines, as they achieve to deliver 2 masterpieces filled with earth shattering vocals, outstanding melodic twin guitar reefs and solos and mainly fast double base drumming!
Considering the songs mentioned along with the wonderful and emotional ballad "A Tale That Wasn't Right" these alone are worth the price of the album, not even mentioning the rest...
If you can't spend money on buying each album separately this is the best deal you get to buy the best songs relished by this outstanding band which will surely amaze you even if you are not a metal fan.

A drawback to this compilation is that some of the remasters take away the feeling that some songs had in the past and could have been done better. Also some of the best songs especially from the first 4 albums are missed, but compilations never please everyone.

This CD covers all Helloween 11 albums, thus including more thrasy, or melodic or operatic or heavy moments, which are all characterized by both outstanding high pitched and hard vocals, fantasy and sociologically based lyrics, perfect guitar orchestration and mainly fast drumming.

Don't think about it, just buy it!!