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This Is What a Compilation Album Should Be Like! - 95%

PowerProg_Adam, February 27th, 2003

Helloween seems like a rather intelligent band the majority of the time, but they have their bad days every now and then. While compiling tracks for The Best, the Rest, The Rare, they apparently woke up on the right side of the bed. I thought it seemed kind of pointless at first to make a compilation album with songs off of practically only 3 albums, but I was obviously proven wrong. Taking the best of the Keeper albums and Walls of Jericho is brilliant!

I Want Out is obviously the logical place to start this album. What can I say, this track practically invented the power metal genre. Michael Kiske's voice here is absolutely perfect. Not only very competent, but very catchy as well. My personal favorite track from the band.

Dr. Stein is where the cheese begins to come out of Helloween. The story of building "rock musicians" doesn't seem very appealing, but nonetheless a pretty enjoyable song with another catchy chorus.

Future World is also lacks lyrically at times, but Kiske easily makes it up with his magnificent voice. Another one of my personal favorites from Helloween. Very catchy drumming.

Judas is magnificently written, probably the bands best song from the Kai Hansen vocal era. The chorus to this track is a bit doomier than usual and doesn't really reflect anything that the band has done since Walls of Jericho, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Ride the Sky must be Kai Hansen's pride and joy, because he even uses this with Gamma Ray. This track IMO showcases Kai's best high note. Very compentent, but not personally one of my favorites. Kind of repetitive.

Halloween is probably the most musically proficient song that Helloween has ever done. There are so many guitar solos and high notes here that its not even funny. This definately doesn't seem like a 13-minute song! Perfect in every way.

Now we have our first sleeper. Livin Ain't No Crime IMO is nothing special. Sounds like the typical Helloween song after the Keeper of the Seven Keys era. I usually just skip this one.

Save Us is sort of like Michael Kiske's mixture of Judas and Ride the Sky. IMO sounds like both songs were lumped together to make this one. Sounds really nice though, another catchy chorus, and another great job by the throat of Kiske.

Victim of Fate is the king of all Helloween songs! Originally done with Kai on vocals was a great song, but this rare verson has Michael Kiske and it is just that much more amazing. There is not a bad aspect of this track. It simply owns!

Savage kind of surprised me, because I thought I was hearing Judas again. Not a bad song, but the format has been used before. Its your typical Walls of Jericho track.

Don't Run for Cover, Ok, I'm just gonna save some time here. If you want information on this, just look at Livin Ain't No Crime's synopsis.

Another epic track here that should never be skipped is Keeper of the Seven Keys. Its nearly as good as Helloween, but actually has a much better story and many more time changes. It doesn't sound like you are listening to the same song at times, and certainly doesn't feel like a 13-minute song either.

Just wanting to consolidate your best of Helloween onto one cd, this is a pretty good place to start. Helloween has some great songs that aren't on here, but this album has what I feel and many others feel to be their best. Its definately worth the cash. You'll probably never find Michael Kiske singing some of Kai Hansen's songs on any other albums.