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GREAT compilation!!! - 94%

Brat1983, March 22nd, 2005

Before purchasing this record in 2000 (I bought it used) I'd only heard a few songs with Helloween so I didn't really know much about them. Fortunately this record changed that fact :-)

This is classic Helloween with their best lineup ever. Schwichtenberg on drums, Grosskopf as bassist, Hansen + Weikath on guitars and on top of it all we have Kiske on vocals. That guy is THE greatest vocalist ever in any power metal band!!!

The records kicks off with 2 cool, fastpaced songs (Savage, Save Us) and you get in an extremely nice headbanging mood after having heard but 5 seconds of Savage.
Victim of Fate is also very fastpaced but it has a slow middlepiece and it's actually nice to get a small break from the headbanging. Very cool track!
The fourth song is actually the only song on this record that I never really cut it with. It sort of reminds me of something that the fans sing at a soccer match, i.e. nice singalong chorus but the rest of the song is nothing special.
Don't Run for Cover and Judas ends first side of the record in absolute superfashion, and though Kiske being such a great vocalist, it's also nice to hear Kai Hansen's voice (on Judas).

We turn the record and the second side blasts off with 3 killer tracks off the Helloween EP + the Walls of Jericho album. These tracks are really some awesome Power/Speed Metal. Pretty brutal and cool :-)
The last 3 songs are yet again with Michael Kiske. The ballad A Tale That Wasn't Right is a nice slow one while I Want Out is a midpaced headbanger with a real catchy chorus. March of Time is so fucking fast yet melodic and catchy. GREAT!!!

All these songs are packed with great riffs and solos by Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath and especially the Kiske tracks show a tremendous vocal performance (sorry Kai, you have a fine voice but you can't stand a chance against Kiske's talent!).

This record is somewhat rare many people have told me so it's one of those that I really treasure and I'm so glad I bought it back then. Who knows, if I hadn't bought it, I might wouldn't have discovered the genious of Helloween? If you can track this down, it's really recommendable as one of the best compilations a metal band (any band!) has ever done!